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Beauty and Natural Care Centre in Malaga

We are an aesthetics centre specializing in the field of health, beauty and wellbeing. Through techniques, treatments and clinically tested natural products we cover all the necessities of our clients, offering them a wide array of services for bodily care.

The satisfaction of those that trust in Natural Oasis is our greatest pride. We take care of even the smallest detail in the service that we offer, in order to give a quality result and a close and personal treatment. Don’t hesitate to come and meet us at Aurora square, number 4.

Our mission

At Natural Oasis Malaga we are committed to your skincare but we are also committed to environmental conservation and the whole surrounding environment. For this reason, our products are selected exhaustively, and always tested by ourselves, to assure we use products beneficial for the body, and simultaneously don’t impose a negative impact on nature. We only use natural and vegan products, which haven’t been tested on animals. We do our part to create a better world.
At the time of selecting what products are the most adequate for the treatment for which they shall be used, we like to explain to our clients what comprises the ingredients in each product. We like to be transparent so that in that moment you know what we are putting on your skin, beauty, nails etc.

Natural Oasis Organic Beauty Center

In our Malaga Aesthetics Centre we attend to every health and beauty need in order to find the physical and emotional wellbeing that you need. Situated in the Aurora area near the Aurora bridge, in Natural Oasis you will find the perfect place for all your body’s care needs. We are specialists in massages, facial and bodily treatments, manicures, pedicures, hair removal (men and women) and makeup.

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