Treatments and natural products


Without chemicals.
100% Natural

Natural Oasis Malaga was born from the necessity to take care of our body through what nature can offer us. Always searching the root of what makes us feel good about ourselves.

Manicure and pedicure

Your hands and feet say a lot about you, take care of them with our specialist services. Make your hands and feet shine with their own light.

Facial treatments

Your face is your primary presentation. Take care of your image, to maintain healthy and hydrated skin is fundamental in order to exhibit a radiant face at any age.
Centre of aesthetics in Malaga



Bodily treatments

On occasion, we put so much attention on our face that we forget the rest of our body. In Natural Oasis you will find specific treatments for every part of your body.


Different massages for different needs. Ideal for giving yourself a moment of peace and relaxation to relieve muscle pains, or to recover following physical activity.


Hair Removal

Enjoying smooth and hydrated skin without hair is possible with Natural Oasis treatments. We remove hair from any part of a man or woman’s body.

Look design and makeup

Beauty party

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Conclusion of our services (Before/After)

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